A "Bump" in the Road


to be a big sister

there are so many


You are the role model

and You have to do 

everything right.

littles sisters and little brothers

annoying as They may be,

You love Them.

You stand up for Them.

but imagine hearing

those earth-shattering words

"I'm pregnant".

not My little sister. 

You're only 15

You can't be a mother, You can't even drive. 


why? why? why Her?

how did this happen? what were You thinking?

all vain questions


where did I go wrong? 

I could have stopped this. 

if only I had... maybe if I hadn't...

We make Our own choices,

and sometimes, We make mistakes.

but every now and then, beautiful things

are born.

and We come to realize that

some bumps in the road

are really just blessings in disguise.





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