The Bullying Poem

Being called ugly is not very fun.

You can only handle so much until you’re done.

You stop looking in the mirror and you stop taking pictures.

You forget how to smile.

Some people are cruel and don’t understand these things.

They just can’t fathom how powerful their words can be.

The pain of words is much more powerful than a punch.

Some words are so atrocious it could make one lose his lunch.

People can tell you to ignore it, and you know that doesn’t work.

You can only take so much until you can’t handle the pain,

But you have a lot of strength in you. Strength that is immeasurable.

Like all forms of oppression, bullying can be overcome.

If you remain silent though, then the music of that day will never be sung.

Bullying is painful and it’s an unimaginable pain.

They take out your soul, rip it up, and leave stains.

You can never see things like you once did.

Sometimes it’s the end of your life as a kid.

You have two options though, and they divide the weak from the strong.

You can pick up the pieces and rebuild,

Or you can sit there with a silent song.

You can fade away to darkness.

You can listen to those fools.

You can let yourself believe that it’s them in this world who rules.

You are stronger than that, and you know this is true.

When will you use the strength inside of you?

When will you pick up the pieces and rebuild?

It hurts to be bullied, and yes it is true.

It also hurts however, when you let them control you.

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