Bullying, Mythology style

Wed, 10/16/2019 - 19:43 -- Abri101

Perseus, son of Zeus inched into Biology. A young Demigod with little to say, quiet, and not confident. Biology, Medusa, Freshmen head of the girls. A stare that could pierce a soul, a presence that captivated peers. Biology, Perseus sits next to Medusa, Medusa snarls. Days forward, Perseus becoming the target for the terrorizing Medusa. 

King Polydectus consoles Perseus who is being bullied by the great Medusa. King Polydectus gives his the courage, the strength, and the brains to close this intimidating mean girls evil intentions. Perseus, his bully Medusa, Perseus stands up for himself. "Medusa you may no longer bully me or anyone else, your reign of terror is through". Finally someone with the courage to stand up to Medusa. Medusa is so shocked at this confidence that she turns to stone. No longer able to bother or bully any other Demigods among the Freshmen class.


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