Bullying CAN be STOPED


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(poems go here) Bullies, people who are insecure
People who are depressed
People who live in regret
People who live in the dark

Day and day people get bullied and others just watch
Not knowing of all the causes that bullying has done
It happens to everyone tall, short, skinny, fat
Even to culture, customs, and ethnicity, ages and genders

People need to be more aware and help others stand up for them selves
Show them their aren’t alone
Help the bullied and the bullies
Parents, community, teachers, relatives help us protect our youth,
Make a positive difference in a world that’s coming apart
Remember bulling doesn’t just happen in school it happens everywhere in the globe
Home, community, streets, and work

All united can make anything possible
A world of opportunities where are youth are getting blinded
Pass the word out and help everyone open their eyes
Cause we live in a world where anything is possible

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