Why do people do it,

Why do people try to bring you down,

Why do they make you frown,

They try so hard,

To make you feel like lard,

But you just say to your self,

Keep cool, ignore them,

As time goes and they keep going, 

You keep showing strength,

Soon you've had enough,

You hit them straight in the mouth,

All the anger,

All the pain that you've had for all this time,

It all comes out in one single punch,

You knock him/her down,

You look down and their out cold,

Everyone is looking at you, 

Then they cheer, 

Apparently they all were getting bullied by this person,

After the ten day suspension from school,

You see him/her and he/she's a fool,

Trying to run from you,

But you keep up,

Trying to say sorry,

But he is to afraid to talk,

Know you've known you won!

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