Dear bully Is there something wrong with me?
I beg you please stop bullying me 
Telling me that i am fat 
Does it make you non-fat?

Ohhh !!!Bully I’ve never gotten taller 
Makin someone else feel smaller
What made you think it ‘s ok to make fun of me,
Taking my friends and bullying me

I am not weak i am just letting your karma tweak 
People who love themselves don’t hurt and respeak 
You bullied me at Street by saying this or that
I am a victim who is tired of that

Dear bully i never asked for you to hurt me 
I never asked for you to make fun of my insecurity 
I never asked for you to throw my name like a trash
Nor I ever used your name as a harsh

                                                                           --------Pranav Dhakal

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