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I Fight For What Is Right , Not For What Is Wrong.
I Want Justice For Every Dead Soul.
People Think Bullying Is Cool
People Think Bullying Is Fun
But To Be Honest Bullying Is So DUMB !
I Guess People Bully To Feel Strong Because Deep Inside Their Weak
Got To Pick On Somebody Else To Feel Defeat.
It's Crazy How People Sit There And Watch.
Bullying Is Getting out of hand , and that's what most don't understand.
Bullying Lead to all cases but SUICIDE is the number one case.
Children Goes to school to learn , some go to escape from the pain at home.
Some Just Go To School To Be Alone.
You Picking , You Pushing , You Shoving , and Knocking Books Out Of Hands.
Thinking You Getting Away With It But You Not .
Karma Gone Teach Bullies To Stop !
Its Time To Take Action For The Safety Of These Kids.

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