Bullying "Your just like the bully from school", Screaming these words with pain as you started to sob.My world completely stopped and my heart started to skip a beat.I felt the whole world moving around me slowly I felt broken, helpless, sadSad of the thought that this bully was causing you painPain physicallyPain emotionallyHe came to me for comfort,As he dug his face into my armsHe started crying I felt the pain within himI felt his pain in my heartI started to cry and I couldn't stop,Stories of people committing suicide due to bullying ran through my mindI thought of my poor little nephewSo young,innocent, and defenseless.We both sat there crying.He cried for reasons why and I cried for solutions.Why is the world so cruel?What good does it do to hurt someone else?How is that self fulfilling?We need to put an end to bullying. Educate your children to be genuine nice humble human beings.The world shouldn't be so cruel.-Kayla


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