Dear Mrs. Copeland 

When you mark me absent it wasn't my fault

I was in the bathroom had a date in the stall 

The next day you did attendance and took up homework

I didn't have mine, it was ripped, torn and burnt 

No it wasn't me, I promise it wasn't

who was it you ask? If I tell then I'll be punished

My grades are slipping and I'm falling behind

But if you looked and opened your eyes I think you'd find

The real reason why you catch me cryin' 

It's that dirty, mean bully that always takes my lunch

he pushes me down and says "here eat this punch"

I try and try to get away

but the school system makes me stay

everyone is blind until something happens

like a blast from the past is that what we need again?

The signs should be obvious, the bruises, the blood

If only things were different where they gave out kisses and hugs

I'm tired or struggling day by day

but all you care about is your stupid payday

you don't care that I'm hurt you just want me in class

but I probably won't be there if the bully is kicking my ass

So teachers be mindful of the silent cries for help 

because when we're gone there will just be guilt




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