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Stop the hate, the worry , hurt and fear
Don't judge so harshly, you never know what they've been through
Their whole life has been a struggle, right now they are wondering if they should take their own life
You need to help them or they might die, by their own hand
Could you live knowing that your bullying pushed someone over the edge?
They aren't perfect neither are you, so give them a break walk a mile in their shoes
Think twice before you make it worse
The way they see it their whole life is a curse
Take your time be a friendly face in the otherwise hateful world
Be the sunshine shining through the rain
Be the friend they can swim to in a sea of enemies
Be the hand that picks them up when everyone else is knocking them down
Your kindness could mean a lot
Be strong for people who can't be strong for themselves

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Bullying is terrible , stop the violence

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