The Bully - Just Like You

See you only see him

The one on the ground

But what about me?

I dont even have that to stand on.


His life is frightening at pieces

And mine is too far crumbled too see.

There are kind faces behind his cries

But no one to hear or catch mine.


Life is dark, life is wrong

I only do this to try to seem strong.

Theres a reason for everything

Did you think that there is meaning in mine too?


The poor one takes my pain.

Who else when no one tries?

The pain continues from one to another.

The hit, the ground, the floor.


Sometimes it is hard to see

Past the anger, past the disguise.

But if you would only try to look deeper

Theres only hurt inside.


He is fortunate, his pain all can see

I cannot let mine be free.

There are ties, there are chains.

Cannot I just fly away.


Although there are many like me

We are all different,

take the time and see.

And although you’re on the ground

Your cries hurt me as well.

Every cry, cut and bruise

Each one is a reminder

That although you are smaller,

I am just like you.

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