Bully, Bully, Who Are You?


Bully Bully, Who Are You?

A boy waiting in the corner to take your lunch money

Only to give it to his parents at home?

A girl that laughs at others 

Because she is insecure with herself?

Or are you just a child

Afraid of what the world will say

When you are not okay?


Bully Bully, Who Are You?

Someone left waiting for hours and hours? 

Maybe in the rain or snow?

An imperfect person

Trying to fit into this imperfect world?

Looking down on people

Because you have been looked down upon?


Bully Bully, Who Are You?

A regular person

That's for sure

Mad at the world

And insecure

But just to let you know

You'll be okay

For the end of your life 

Is not today.



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