The bully

Ran from you again today

Remember back when we used to play?

Hiding under blankets and reading our books

I was Peter Pan and you were Captain Hook.

Man, the times we had, pressure without.

You were my best, without a doubt.

Then your dad started drinking

and he swung without thinking

then he took your power away.

You came to school, 

shiner on your eye.

People crowded, asking. 

So you decided to lie.

Said I hit you like a punk,

I slipped up from behind,

Kicked you in the junk 

and then ran and hide.

People started laughing, jeering.

Words you could not defend.

Swinging at me,

I thought we'd just pretend.

Then the people started cheering.

So you did it again the next day

I was now your enemy.

It was nothing that I did

I tried to fight,

I ran and hid.

But I survived that place

I got out of the vault

I just saw your face

I just wanted you to know

It's not your fault.

Poetry Slam: 



Sad but true. Nice write.

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