You shove me

I hit you back

You call me names and then attack

I'm stuck in the corner by myself

With no one else to call for help

Your gang teams up on me, alone in the hall

I do not have the strength to take you all

Stones may not break my bones

But they embedded on my flesh

Who are you to bully me?

Who are YOU to have a say about me?

Is your life so boring you must find entertainment in others' suffering?

Is your life so dull that you must fight to feel?

Or is it that your jealous of someone with more potential?

More potential to be happy

So shut your mouth and let me begin

Your bullying I will not stand for

I will not sit

I will not stand

I'll go eye to eye with you

Confidence in hand

So leave me alone and you better back off

Because this is the end

I'm sick of your games, I'm sick of your snides

I know how you'll live, all in lies

You're not better than I, you are my equal

So quit trying to give this fight a sequal

Back away

Because I will not tolerate your bullying, I will step down but I will go with a loud sound

You can pay for your mistakes

I will make none

Not today

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