Bullies do it because they think its cool

You're being bullied all day at school

You're suffering and in pain,

but to them its just another fun game.

They tell you to go die

and all you want to do is cry.

they call you names that hurt

over the internet, even at church.


They can't see how those words get stuck in your head,

leaving you thinking you would be better off dead.

But they can't take those words back

because  what's said is said.

They call you many names including fat,

so you starve yourself in hope that they stop.


They're  making your life a living hell,

they don't like the clothes

that you wear,

they see the cuts on your wrist,

but not the story behind it.

They think they know you

just because they watch and make fun of you

but they don't.


Being bullied at school

making you ashamed to go home.

you feel worthless,

but I promise you can get through this.

Don't let the harsh words get to you,

make them envy you

as you start your life brand new.


There is so much you can do

believe it or not,

there is a reason that they do what they do.

Their childhood was a wreck,

mommy was a drunk,

daddy ended up dead.

Little brother began to cut,

they wished they were dead.


There's so many bad scenarios that can happen

to the bullies in their childhood,

so they can't seem to be happy

until they make you stand where they have stood.

Your life is still ahead of you,

you have so many ights to see,

things to do.


But you have to believe,

you have to believe you can get there,

just ignore their evil stares.

For you are great and wonderful

block out the bullies when you are at school.


Words can hurt,

they can kill.

When you see the coffin at the chuch

then will you believe what I say is real?





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