Bull Market

Wall Street hummed

Marking last hours of day

And everyone returning home


Longing to return home

Did the Minotaur sit

On his desk, in his suit

Looking to see which dropped first

His stock or his head


In a maze of a building

Did the Minotaur sit

Guarding his treasure

As he had done for millenia

But not in a suit


Tick, tick, tick

Went the seconds

And the stock


A fruitless venture was business

To an immortal such as he

Rewards and pains grow the same

When all you have is time


The depressing monitor

And 40th story window

Did the Minotaur slam

Jumping down on the streets of New York


Not everyday do you see

A man within a bull 

Within a suit

Barrelling down Wall Street


Gives a whole new meaning

To a Bull Market






This poem is about: 
Our world


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