Bull the bully

Bull the bully bullied the bullies

the bully king 

bullshiting bully and bully things

the existance of bull the bully the bully king

as the "weak" get bullied for tipical dumb and bully things

the mindstate of overpowering a weakling

is that of a following a path and the  destruction of nearly everything

illusions of having power is pleasing for most

but bull the bully never did boast

the host of anothers hate when in youth

the kid had enough and became brute

the truth that inside him was a bully hurt him

he didnt wanna be like the others that hurt him

the cycle of bull the bully the bully king

was one without honor but to justify he only do harm to other bullies

but is that the right way to stop a bully

bully the bully a king who never had a crown

never was royal ended looking like a clown 


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Our world


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