The Building is Tipping from the Top Down


United States
38° 56' 7.4724" N, 90° 8' 24.4968" W

Back to Black
Skyscraper is straighter than a toe crack
but a fact
that I'm waitin by the railroad tracks
anxiety's giving me a panic attack
just relax and try to listen to the infamous click clack
here comes the smick smack
too hard,I need an icepack
no cash, rockin a potato sack
17 years old accessorizing a bike rack
struggle is real and we under attack
Broke nigga status is equivalent to no stacks
Taking me on dates just for some Big Macs
Tired, so I'm going back to the shack
power cut off rooms looking pitch black
running into everything, even knick knacks
got lost, so im finna hit the sack
right where I am
Yes Ma'am
Forget all the glitz and glam
that stars live is a sham
so close, that I can taste the golden grahams
You better study for the final exam
Don't cram
unless you wanna meet you uncle sam
tough plan like moving through some strawberry jam
Mind scam, like I was used as a battering ram
Hoover Dam cracked open into the mighty A.T.M.
don't look inside because it's creepy and grim
more like condemned, one day it'll be filled to the brim
Just like Kim, oh she's a role model, more like a crim
Spotlight is dim, indesperate need of that morning hymm


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