B*tch! Sure you're older, but does that make you have power?

You might have more strength, but you don’t have power.

Do you think punching a kid is cool? Do you think Vaping its cool?

Do you think about you're actions? 

You are Older you have more of an impact on children than me! 

Everything has a effect and the effect its huge.

20% of kids bully. 1,500 kids smoke a day! 15,000 children die every day.

Everything you and I do has a big effect on everything..

1,300 people die from smoking a day, 4,400 kids die from being bullied a day. Exc.

These are real problems.. Kids die.. Many a day. You need to be more conserned about this, or else most likely the same will happen too you.


This poem is about: 
Our world



I really felt this poem's and the message it's giving you did great!

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