Bruises Heal

Dear Dad, Your sins have been forgiven by my God above. For the sins you’ve made and for the hurt that you have done to the child you say you love. For every time you’ve raised your hand to strike me down. For every moment you touched me when no one was around. Every time you took advantage of the sweetness of your child. Oh how bitter you have made me on the inside and out. The smell of your cologne that I can’t seem to get off of my mind. You would even wait until it was the right time. The right time to force yourself on me and hurt my soul. To take my innocence until I broke. I broke down crying and every time you said you were sorry. Although, you ended up doing it again and again in a hurry. Those lies you spoke those words you said. In my heart you made it hard for me to trust again. You hurt my mother and you hurt me. The only one I trust is my God that loves me. I forgive you father for everything you have done. I hope that you will realize the things that you have done. The hurt that you have caused and the trauma that has me damaged. Least of all, my pride that you had stripped of me since I was 9. Now that the years have passed and I’ve put it all behind me. I can still hear those footsteps when you would sneak up right behind me.  


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