Bruised My Soul

Bruised My Soul 
I take morning walk 
with so much deep thoughts
of you in my heart
But You bruised my soul of long ago 
I watch the bluest skies
turn to darkest nights 
The cries that are in the rushing winds 
Dark Angel is hear again 
Dark Angel pinking over around the trees 
Watching over me  
The silence of the black birds 
that hum with time 
The moon forgotten to shine
I feel I'm about to lose my mind  
In front of my house I see Dark Angel 
standing around 
Watching my every move 
every word
every look  
His eyes are so looking deep like the 
black sea 
watching over me 
He scares me like the thunder winds 
The energy of all angels 
of all anger is something of dark danger 
Inside my  mind he is playing games 
another time 
He is looking over my shoulders 
keeping me speechless 
I start too wonder
what he is going to do next 
I stop breathing just for a moment of time 
within my thoughts I cry asking why 
He starts to talk 
Were have you been ? 
I see the day shining back in your eyes
with life Moonlight  
Salvation at its highest that it has ever been
What have you done ? 
Dark Angel cried out   
I just looked away
then he garbed ,My face ,
I became motionless again within 
delicate and fashionable 
Draped with the intelligent of night 
He lays me down on the grown 
touching every part of me  
Lusting over my body 
kissing my lips ,
Saying why did you leave me  
my eyes rolled back with the night
my tears started rolling down my face  
Why he was playing with my heart again ,
looking me deep in my soul  
Telling me he will never let me go 
I am the love of his cold soul ,
there will be no other to take me 
from him , No other do you hear me 
I just looked at him with no words ,
I am his dark love 
like the deep heavy winds over the sea  
He draped his cold body over me 
gave me the moonlight of his eyes ,
Latin words coming out of his darken soul
with so much control taken over my soul 
Speechless promises that he will never keep ,
Hollow ground is where promises
will never be found 
Neglected another time around 
gloom hollow of a cold life . 
Lilly Emery 
Dark Angel


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