Bruised Gay Child

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 16:11 -- cleak7


Does it bring joy to your eyes when you see tears in mine?

How good does it feel to know that you make your on daughter ill?

Your the person who birth me.

But I would choose differently if it was up to me.

I love to stay at school just to be away from you.

I would get lost if you didn't have a clue.

But sadly I have to stay, and I'm praying that the lord will make a way

My faith gets a little weak

Most times I feel like I'm at my peak

But I know I have to carry my last name.. LEAK

But back to YOU

I thank you for making me strong, just know I will never do wrong

I'm very ambitious because of you

I know I have to have a better life because of all you put me through

So many nights I have went to sleep crying, just because i thought my life would be better off dying

and this is ALL because of you

Yes you buy me clothes, you have a roof over my head, and you make sure I'm fed.

But I can go to jail and get that same treatment

Instead I have a relationship with you full of resentment

You make me hate my life, just because you don't want to see me have a wife.

It's my choice, sorry that I don't think of your opinion as a voice

What you don't understand is that , this is me and you cant stand for me to be happy.

So hate me for my prefrence , nothing you do will make a difference

Sorry I'm not some perfect child, but trust I do everything in my power to make you proud

That's not enough? 

Oh well thats tough

I try, I try, and I try and still cry. 

One day I will make an example out of what I went through.

The only bad part of my story, is you.

But once again I say thank you.

You make me look forward to my dreams coming true. 

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