Brown Sugar


I am the child born on a late Winter evening.
I am the woman you never desire leaving.
I am the lady scanning frantically in libraries.
I am the hopeless romantic ending February.
I am his vixen when he closes the door.
I am the junky in the hip-hop section of a record store.
I am the grandchild of a soldier.
I am who wipes the teardrops off of your shoulder.
I am still a flower on the Lord's gray punishment days.
When everyone leaves you, I am the one you can be sure will stay.
I am the dreamer with my head in the clouds.
I am the leader, without a doubt.
I am who will give you that Love Jones.
I am the spark of innovation whose destination is never known.
I am the guidance in the harshest projects.
I am the ideal woman a black man's mother projects.
With hips like this and a swing like that,
I am the woman that will have your back.
A queen wearing heels far from flat.
What do you call a woman that has it like that?

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