Brown, Indigenous and Christian

What is it like to be a Brown, Indigenous Christian

It’s build that wall or you can’t be conservative

Their judgement is normative

To be a democrat you can’t have your own opinions

You say something, they attack you with your religion

You are looked down when you choose justice

And when you choose life, you cause a ruckus

Trump? no. "So you choose to kill children not giving them a chance to breathe"

Bernie? no. "So you want to pay for college? just leave!"

This really goes on in people’s mind

They choose ignorance over being kind

Politics got in the way of humanity

No good sense lost all sanity

I am neither this nor that

“There goes that one republican” “A wannabe democrat”

They say there’s separation of church and state

It’s just another thing to debate

What is it like to be a Brown Indigenous Christian

You see hate towards a specific race or political view was never God’s mission

He sent his son to die for our sins on a cross

Before he gave his last breath he spoke up for a cause

I chose to be the child of God

Whom he’s given strength to speak about the injustices going on

What is it like being Brown Indigenous and Christian

It’s someone who moves forward and only pays attention to their own intuition


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