Brown Eyed Statistic


A number on the on continuing time spectrum. 

Defying who we are. Pant sizes, class rank, GPA 

all these numbers saying where you are.

Numbers telling you how pretty you are 

Defying your being bounding your self esteem

Minorities try to defy stereotypes and statistics 

Brown eyes and Brown skin,

becoming an obstacle in our own path.

Enough is Enough

Dr. Seuss saying there is no one truer and than you 

Frida Kahlo painting her self portrait despite the negativity

Together we stand breaking the obstacles

Embrace yourself and love it.

There is no one quite like you or me.

My curly mane is untamed 

Uncensored tongue waiting to go of

Standards are no longer defying who I stand for

I am an independent, silly girl

Sarcastically funny 

Mischievous and Adventures waiting for the next adventure 

Mexican by heritage 

American by birth

Breaking the mold to fit me

Standing up for the ones without voices

Letting them know they aren't alone

Being myself is the way to go

Not letting them stop me but 

rather let them walk with me

I am flawed but I wouldn't 

Like it any other way.






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