Brown Eyed Page


I believe that poems have brown eyes

That when you read you can see a soul and heart

There's a depth one cannot grasp

And perhaps one should not try to gather it all at once

For if one did, one would find their own eyes darken bit


A deeper sense of purpose and of meaning from beyond

There would surely be a hunger that only silence could fill

An intense longing and desire only known by the stars

One ought cetainly be careful as one sits down to read

And look into the mirror one last time for you are about to change

The next tme you see yourself if truly you've read from the heart


Surely your eyes will have deepened a bit for you'll have seen the author's soul

And when someone looks into your own now kind, dark eyes

They will be able to see your heart and know that you've been somewhere

That everyone ought to visit at least once in their life

The heart of another human being beating in plain dark ink on a cream colored page


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