Brown Bear Brown Bear: To a Dyslexic six year-old

Poetry, came to me
When I was young and
Couldn’t read!
For the life of me,
Nor could sing, but
I sure as hell understood
The melody, melting,
Into the memory, melded
Into the smell of springsteen!
Then the final school bell rings,
Brown bear brown bear
What do you see? All my friends
Read, and I respond,
A jumpel fo worbs
Lots two the wordl....
Of course I could say it right,
Just couldn’t see it,
Spell it,
Comprehend it,
A living hell of self doubt
With the only cure the
Rhythm to the poetry,
Raping away to glory,
Of a lost kid, embarrassed
To admit, his pitiful shortcomings
In half rhymes, costing less then
Half the dime. Even today,
The style persist, as I continue to
Reflect upon the list, of this lost kid,
Who was finally saved, caught through
The crack, by a gorgeous grayed woman
Who taught me to read, write, and

Comprehend the thought to fight
My shortcomings and embrace my
Strengths and face
The fears I made and
Pursue the life of a king
Of my mind,
Your time, to
Take to school the system,
Which I almost become victim,
And forever close the cracks,
So every kid can finally read:
Brown Bear Brown Bear,
What the hell do you see?

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