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It is the color from which we rise
The color of rich soil from a land uninhabited and fertile
That soon became home to innovative civilizations
The Americas’ first mathematicians, astronomers, and writers

It is the color of silky, sweet chocolate
Used to mask the bold spice of the chile ancho
Blended, with a few other ingredients
The main dish for Sunday night family dinners.

The color of skin kissed gently by the sun
Soft and smooth, exuding warmth
From the glowing flame that lives within
And ignites a passion so intense and everlasting

The color of the big, round eyes that stare back at you
With a growing sense of curiosity and wonder
In those eyes, lies a future that will later unfold
A life of visions, struggles, triumph

It is the color from which we rise
The color of our ancestors and teachers
The color of a traditional homemade dish
The color of a being, powerful and determined
It is the color from which we rise


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