Brothers and Sisters

Martin Luther King Jr. is known as a symbol of equal races,

Lately he's been the symbol of prejudice racists.

He’s been seen walking through crowds of haters

Giving excuses to all the slavers

They are saying “We freed you from chains”

They really did it for their own gains

They really freed themselves from feeling guilt

They have freed us from chains of steel,

But have just replaced them with the chains of the mind

They want us in their cages

The way they treat us enrages

They deemed us the source of all impurities

They have found a way to lock us up legally.

They take our innocent and label them guilty

They say that we'll never be satisfied

We’ll be satisfied once we can stand next to the opposite color and be unable to find the difference

We aren’t the only ones demanding freedom

Our Brothers and Sisters are all pleading for their rights

May they be Black, Hispanic, Arabic, Woman or just look a little different than the everyday white man

They are all pleading that they have their rights back

There are those who have said to Wait for our chance at freedom

They don’t know how it feels to “Wait”

They are afraid of conflict, but want change

But the only way to have change is through conflict

I’ve come to you today to ask to help with this change

Help us in our goal of freedom

There can be no peace without acceptance

I hope you’ll accept those around

No matter the color, gender, religion or origin

We are all brothers and sisters

Related not by blood or name, but by race

We are not the “white race” we are not the “black race”, we are the Human Race

We must be family

When family does wrong you help them correct their actions

We must keep the peace

But I’m not saying that we shouldn’t fight for what we believe

I’m no Martin who takes hits for the cause

I’m not a Malcolm either who administers hits for a cause

I am Damir

I will protest peacefully, but if I am threatened I will not sit back and be bullied

I am not someone that you should fear

I am a boy named Damir

I want you to help make this world a better place

Help the world see the wrong in today’s society

Help society see the right way to judge

Help them judge between the true and that false

And shine light on those stuck in the darkness.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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