Today has been a rough day
A tough day
I came to Oregon for college
The sky is always gray
In fact this week has been a storm of information
I feel myself overwhelmed with a dark sensation
I want to quit
These tests makes me falter
My study habits, I alter
Yet the same result in the end. 
No worries though, I have my friend
Days like these I praise life as a greek
Though my personality is meek
My brothers pick me up when I am down 
They notice when I have a frown
They're here to help me through the pain
When I've hit a rough patch in the grain.
WE are brothers
WE are family
Always there for eachother
They know what I am going through
Though they have no idea where I've been
It doesn't matter to them
They'll carry me through the fires of doubt
These academic waters, they've been in them, they've already been there as a scout
Through thick in thin
Through anger and despair 
I remember 
I remember, not to fret because my brothers are here.


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