Brotherly Love


You were my brother

We were supposed to look after one another

You shattered that trust

When you turned sibing love into lust

No words can ever explain what you did to me

How you forced me to my knees

How you made me do unspeakable things

Do you know what kind of pain that brings?

On myself I placed the blame

I filled myself with so much shame

I was so young, I was just a kid

How was I supposed to deal with what you did?

So many relationships were trashed

Because of what you did to me in the past

But I grew strong

I carried on

My wounds healed

But the scars I still wield

I don't understand why you did that to me

When we belong to the same family tree

I guess you're the only one who truly knows why

And that is something you have to live with till you die

I will forgive you because that's what you need

But I will never forget what you did to me

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