Brother Omitted

Dear Brother,

How many days have we both sat in silence

Doing nothing

Only minutes away yet a million miles apart

How many of these days could we have spent catching up

Making memories

Yet neither of us chose to be in each other's heart

The last time together

We had nothing to say

Only trivial words

A bare speech buffet


Both hungering for memories never written

Yet in each others presence we starved

How can we heal  in an hour

A wound 18 years has carved


The monster consuming our father

leeches away at me

It tore him away to pieces

wearing his kin to debris


When I saw you In that hour

I saw the beast hide behind

The stiff hug and smile forcing your hopes and drive to be confined


I must say I am disappointed

With the outcome of your days  

Lazily you blame your failure on our father’s genetic haze


Dear brother I have a confession

I've forgotten our sisters face

If accidently our paths ever crossed

Her smile my mind erase


I wish we could go back to childhood

together rewriting these pages

Lost time wails to be unforgotten

Our family tree fades in these Dark Ages


I dwell on make believe memories

of moments that could have been

A burdening fantasy family

Much obliged Rumplestiltskin


Love thy brothers, love thy father

A feat shamefully unfulfilled  

For when I think of all our siblings

and our father disbound

I feel nothing

No love found

For we are all just strangers

Same blood

last name bound

 Sincerely,your little sister who used to send you stamps in letters             praying one day you'd write back                          but you never did  

This poem is about: 
My family


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