a brother


i watch a brother suffer

his pain spilled out of his eyes like milk pouring on a cereal

i look at the disintegrate figure from the crack he was sucking from his face down to his crusty feet

i watched a brother's spirit crush while his heart each second is dying slowly and surely

i wanted to tell him, but my conscious tells me no (let him die)

though i wasn't afraid of consequence, he is just another sad story

it may be an old cliche, but say no to drugs is inspiring

i watched this brother fall into pieces under scornful poison

drugs destroyed him with its affect

and offended him by its addiction

drugs is what he loves, gives him more satisfaction than a woman's kiss to the lips

yet, he betrayed his family by lying about getting help

as his loved ones leave him alone

his tears away at his soul with each inhale of crack

his love for drugs is the self-destruction of himself



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