I look into your eyes,

and I feel adoration so strong.

And as I watch you sleep so soundly,

 I begin to get sad.

 I know that one day you might be unfairly judged

and your heart might get broken.

 I know someone will eventually make you cry

 and you might feel like crap.

 I know you’ll be forced to face the realities of this world,

 and that crushes me.

  But you have to grow up sometime,

so I must enjoy your youth now.

I will enjoy your giggles

 and smiles and

your love for everyone around you.

 I’ll forget that people will be mean to you

and I’ll forget that you might

hate me one day.

 For now, I will enjoy your beautiful spirit

 and baby laughs.


 I’m sorry that it won’t be like this forever.


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