Bronze deep.


United States
42° 11' 47.8644" N, 83° 36' 48.8052" W

1793 was the year I was born and brought into America.

Some people felt I was important, an American icon and others didn't think twice of me just toss me away.

Unlike my brothers and sisters who shine like silver bullets and gold chains some were even green like grass.

But ME!

I am the rusty color of copper that made me look old & worthless like trash.

But one mans trash is another mans treasure.

I am nothing but a mire reflection of a president who changed life for African Americans after his election.

And many would not take this as an exception.

Black, Ugly, Animal, and Dumb is what they called them.

They kept them suppressed with their whips and chains.

Tried to control them like animals starting with pain

Then from the capturing and whips came the control of their brain
Starting with the changing of the names.

But no he was different. No slaves or cotton fields, No dogs or Whip Appeals.

I represent a man with a plan. Hailing from Kentucky, Who knew his face would be stuck on me.

God blessed him and he blessed them with the Emancipation Proclamation

Free at last free at last there will be no more lacerations.

But sometimes I just want to be looked at like my Brothers and sisters.

Why must they turn their back on me I cant control what I am or who I represent

I just want the recognition they get.

Don't frown upon my copper shell it is just as precious as silver and gold or even more.

I was the buttons on those men chest and packed in their riffles protecting them at war.

I was the reason for those messages being sent to those families doors.

Bullets make opens wounds never closed sores.

Its crazy how I was used to kill but still honor soldiers.

From copper bullets to copper eagle Pendents.

And now I am worth one cent but I'm not mad that just makes me independent.

Me I am just a penny something you give to the poor.

If I was silver or green I wonder if I would be treated less or loved more.


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