I love you
but you don't love me
So technically I'm not IN love with you
your oblivious to the things you make my heart do
so i tell my brain not to follow through

i title our relationship
but, Im roaming far away from romance
cause my homeboy, well he doesnt exactly wanna hold hands
with the intensity of flipping a go-kart
has me counting the days that we been apart
because I get along with this guy so nice
That im thinking twice about
......taking this to the next level.... fuck it

because i sound like a babbling fool
cause once again I find reality cruel
cause he,
is NOT gay anyway
so stop being a tool
cause your used up
before they even use
when your at the bottom of the barrel
why in the hell would they choose you
Its like im on a volleyball court with a twenty foot tall net
where you shoot your hopes so high, that all you get is the depth
cause its always shortcomings, when your not equipped with the tools
but who even made up all these stupid rules

so here I am, always in the "Bro Zone"
sitting beside him
getting us both stoned
waiting to get this confession off my chest
when i know he wants to do nothing less
or more
than to "just. chill. with me"
but once again I'm foolish
and once again I'm stuck
and once again I'm wanting to
stroke that sexy stubble hair
and fuck
I'm scared
because who wouldn't be
when your kinda like
in love with a friend
and trying to interpret every
message he sends
and you wanna take a chance in this fine romance
and you cant blame me for these feelings like quicksand
like us holding hands
walking on the beach in the sand
and i hum in his ear and we stumble to a slow dance
cause we can take on the world
we can take it on in our sweat pants
now can i please
cut this B shit out of my Bromance



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