A Broken Yet Powerful Life

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 16:19 -- Mnallen

picture it

a crystal clear view

of a rose

and as the rose grows closer to the screen

the orchestra starts playing a symphony 

that is peaceful and sets the sentimental value of the rose

then suddenly

all colors fade

to black

and white

and gray

everything is cold

as everything is

and alas

a boy appears

and picks the rose

in all its glory 

in all its life

he sucked what was left of it


he holds onto it 

but finds another

and drops the rose

for a tulip

a tulip that kisses his nose 

unlike the rose 

and makes him fill with laughter

how come the rose

did not make him have that joy, that happily ever after?

The rose

is not

by any means


she is strong

and so independent

she didn't need him

she was strong on her own

even when the music stopped

and all faded

she stood alone

throughout troubles

she stood alone 

this beautiful yet broken creature

that we all take for granted

stood alone and didn't need


the life of the beautifully broken

that stood alone.

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