Broken Trust!

A father killed in the streets from a bullet fired from a gun in the hand of a man that was hired to protect and serve.

What has the world become?

Are we to pretend it doesn't happen and neglect and accept that a family is now broken?

Sad words left unspoken,

Dreams unrealized,

Sons not being raised,

Young girls go unteached,

Our goals unreached!

A mother now working two jobs, going to night school, struggling to raise her kids on her own.

What about this broken home?

Then we try to retaliate to pay back by doing tit for tat, imagine that!

We can never get back the lives that was lost,

We just dishing out was was dealt, but for us it'll be a bigger cost.

They beat us down with their nightsticks of pain and judgment,

Kicking us, sicking dogs on us, stomping us to the ground with their black boots of authority.

We call upon them to help us, and to protect us.

Now whose going to protect us from their injustice?

Is this how society leaves us?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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