The broken tree and the broken girl

Broken tree with broken branches

Creature lurk and take advantage


Tree that blooms with pure white flowers

Are violated and destroyed by a great dark power


Tree that fights for survival

Awaits for a holy arrival


But after awhile, the tree bark deteriorates

And nothing can be saved because it’s all too late


The broken tree with its dead scattered leaves

And what's left are the memories of the thieves


The thieves that take the broken tree’s innocence

So the broken tree loses every significance


I touch the broken tree and tears roll down my cheek

I know that there can be no help that we can seek


We are broken and our pieces are scattered

And it seems that we never really mattered


They took away the beautiful white flowers that was ours

That seemed to take an eternity but for them it was small hours


I grasped my hands around this broken tree

And wonder how it would be


To be free and unbroken

And to wish that we could have spoken  


Come fix us, please

And bring back that safe fresh breeze


We are...

The broken tree with broken branches

And the broken girl with the bad circumstances


This poem is about: 
Our world


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