Broken, but there's still love

 Perfection is what I gave you, because I craved your solemn gratitude,

But as the dimmer days developed I became what I truly was not.

I converted myself into something that was a downright hoax.

You assumed I was happy, but I was devastatingly pessimistic.

I did everything your way, but what was all of it for?

  Perfection was my number one priority for you, but I was never sufficient.

People would try to ask for my choice, but I only gave them yours.

Nobody realised I was suffering inside with all of my lethal ideas.

I stayed along your side, while you let me burn into ashes of dust.

You pushed me aside while you compared me to others but that will never break me.

  I helped you through your tough times, but all u did was push me down.

I can't believe I ever idolized you as my hero.

You are supposed to be my guardian, my protector, my mother,

But even though I know you will haunt me in my dreams.

I will never become you, because I am my own person.

Yet at times I wonder if it's too late for me.

 Even though nobody knows about my unspoken thoughts.

I will always be too scared to admit it.

You wanted to know what was wrong, but how? when you're the cause.

I see you everyday, but by every passing second we drift apart.

Will you ever open your eyes and realize you're the cause of my pain?

  Even though we live together, you think everything is perfectly fine,

But you only care about your self image, but whatever happened to me?

And I know that no matter how many times I'm compared to everyone

I will always have a soft spot for the one who created me.

Because nothing can ever stop a daughter from loving her mother. 

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