Broken Teen

I was the definition of a broken teen.
Wondering where my daddy was, that man was a fein.
Type of dude to put some dope before his own seed,
then turn around and rob some stuff for his own greed.
I've always wondered what I did to make him not love me.
I'm his last child, nothing should be put above me. 
I try my hardest to swallow the sorrow, but it hurts so bad.
If you never saw me again, it feels like you would be glad. 
You are the most sorry excuse for a "dad."
I tried time and time again to have a relationship with you,
but instead you bashed me away and with the wind you flew.
I don't deserve to be sad and blue..
and to that liquor bottle, you've been stuck like glue. 
I mean I understand you're addicted... 
but responsibility for my broken heart..
you have been convicted.

This poem is about: 
My family
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