Broken Soul


United States
30° 0' 42.75" N, 95° 26' 46.7952" W

from the age of awaking my mind was locked up
no one to call no were to go
a broken soul was formed on the go
how can it be
that my eyes and ears deceive me
i was trying my best
but you pushed and pushed
leaving me outside in the hursh cold
i cried and cried
trying to make you understand
that my life with out you is not in my hands
when it all came to in end
i held my head high so you could see within
you fought and fought
and then i pushed you away
for you were my soul and i broke it each day
trying to amend it
i couldnt and i killed what ws left
we were suppose to us
but everybody knows after BUT its bullsh**
know matter which way the winds blow
you will for ever be my soul
but until i heal me i have to set you free
so with my last breath
i say once last time
then i set my soul with yours
without me.......

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