Broken Silence

People keep staring
I just look to the floor
Strangers start talking
a few more steps to the door.
Beep.. Beep.. Beep.
Heart racing; too much noise
Cheery smile, happy face.
"Those are such cute toys!"
Beep.... Beep..
"So, who are these for?"
Fighting tears; I quietly ignore.
Awkwardly fiddle inside my bag
"What nice flowers!"
Please, just scan the price tag!-
Scream inside my head
Tears flood my face
I start to turn red.
Feel exposed, yet so weak
Confused voices whisper
Silence. I still can't speak.
Beep..Beep, beep.
"Ma'am, Are you OKAY?"
My eyes stare through her.
"My son turns 3 today.
He picked these out
Meticulously; One by one.
Based on which games
Would be the most fun.
He is donating these toys
To children in need.
Laughter and smiles
Are to be guaranteed.
I'll tell them the gifts are from
someone I love.
He is an Angel named Christian,
who lives up above.
The flowers I will nourish and save
Later to be placed on my son's grave."
No words were exchanged,
But she gave a warm smile.
I wiped my tears,
Grateful that I chose her aisle.
I entered in silence, stuck in disbelief,
I broke my silence and left with relief.

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