Broken but Repaired

Broken hearted once again 

Because love is painful and pain is no joke

It's like your soul sets on fire and words are drenched and soaked

Knowledge is found in a dark cold well

What does love mean to you because I cannot tell.


Broken hearted once again 

Because the person that was is no longer there

Tell me he loves me but I know he does not care

Dust swept apon ashes into ashes of hell

Why must your bee remain in a cell.


Heart repaired once more

Because one strong poet restored thy hope

Ask to come back but thy words scream nope

The letters you wrote revealed your bluff

You are so terrible at acting tuff.


Heart repaired once more

Because thy love is strong enough to open new doors

I did not expect your words to become such bore

Don't you dare spell my name on flowers

I will only water them by the hour. 

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