the broken key to his heart

the day you put this key around my neck

you told me i was the key to your heart

and that joy engraved in fine print ment

that i was the only one who truely made you heappy

now i dont know whether to take it off or leave it on

because if i take it you might be gone

if i keep it on you might stay just one more day

you might hold me in your embrace

you might kiss me and realize you miss me

like i miss you

baby dont leave me

i need you

i need you like a ocean needs a wave

like a broom needs to sweep

because even i need to be swept off my feet at times

my heart is aching

for you its always breaking

your the darkness i cant control

the light when i need it most

dont walk away

but dont tell me you will stay

im a fighter

your the war

its a lost cause because we already know who wins

your the life i think im in

so many questions of you and i


why baby why?

dont you love me?

dont you care?

dont look at me

way over there

the distance is killing me dont you think?

how could you say that?

cheating? is that what you think?

only one last thing to choose

we already know who will lose

heres to my last mistake

with you

for letting you go away

even though i still hear you say

 i put this key around your neck

to tell you , you are the key to my heart

and that joy engraved in fine print

ment you are the only one who truely made me happy

so ill keep it on

even if your gone

because maybe then you will see

how much you always ment to me.



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