Broken hearts


Broken hearts are bitches 
They can't be repaired with a few stitches
The sad part is I don't know if you knew
How much a day I really think about you 
All these thoughts trying to spin into one
Instead they just make me come undone
I wish you were here with me 
Sometimes it's hard for me to breath
Cause I know your not here 
You used to be so near and dear. 
Now your still the same
Still with the old gang
And that's perfectly fine 
I just wish I could find the light
The feelings have been gone
And I feel so wrong
All I have are the memories
Of how it used to be
But you took my heart away
When you said to go away that day
I can't help this pitiful feeling that you could miss me too
Maybe you've finally learned this lesson you were supposed to
But what does it matter now
It's over
It's done
We're over
We're done
Our friendship has truly hit its last run
I just wanna say I truly have come undone
And I miss you
No one could make me smile like you do
Despite all the shit you put me through
I stupidly still want you. 
What we had was special
Friends till the end remember? 
I have to say you treated me as cold as december
Yet I still tried
Still had you in mind
And while I know now your doing well
I'm happy for you, you'll have good stories to tell
As of me, I've grown wiser, no longer going along with the people who "mean well"
I'm just doing me and I think that's why I fell
Every year since that day I've felt myself sink
The damn imagination and fun punched out of me
But I stayed strong. 
I'm still staying strong.
Why else would I feel the need to write this song
Sometimes you've gotta let your feelings out, that is true
But it's so damn hard when I have to explain you 
Even though I took a lot of blows 
Even though we both felt exposed
I just want you to know if you ever find yourself calling me at three am
I hope you say "I remember when"
I hope you remind me of those fun days 
When we were young and knew nothing better than to play
I distinctly remember sitting in your treehouse
The one that got taken down
You gave me an iPod 
You pressed the button 
You let me dance around your field 
Until I was breathless and healed 
You introduced me to this magical thing
This little music box that gave me the passion to sing
The feeling to let others know how I feel 
And for that I thank you for being real. 
But there's one thing that Urks me
The facts that we are no longer best friends because you hurt me. 


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