Broken Hearted

Broken hearted girl,

cries like no other.

Even as she tries to smile.

Tries to occupy her time.

So broken inside,

tries to hide the pain.

Looks up to the stars.

Searching for the light.

She’s being bullied at school,

& doesn’t know what else to do.

When all she needs is a hero.

Broken hearted girl,

runs away from home.

Tears rushing down her pretty face,

mom and dad are worried out of their minds.

They call the cops.

Word spreads like wildfire,

she’s been missing for a week.

The search is still on.

Her hero finally finds her,

and holds her tight.

She looks up.

My hero’s here, my crush.

Holding me close and tight.

Never lets me go till I’m back home.


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