A Broken Heart Mended

I knew that you loved me!

I knew it was true!

I've been waiting to be swept off my feet

and I'm glad it was by you.


Your accent,


and when you say, "I Love You", 

I know your words are true.


You want to marry me,

You have no idea how happy that makes me.

All these months that we've known eachother;

I've felt a strong connection.


Our lust

has blossomed into love.

Thr ring you'll place on my finger,

I'll cherish forever.


To lie in your arms

alone at night in our bed

to lie on your chest;

I'll rest my head.


I love you.

You're awesome.

You're my whole world.

I'll love you forever.


I'll always be your girl

no matter what.

Sweetie, you're great.

A true inspiration.


One last thing

that i just have to say...


You're my everything;

My perfect soulmate

for forever

and always.



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