A Broken Friendship

When it comes to forgiveness, you won't forgive, you won't budge.
You truly hate my guts and you sure do know how to hold a grudge.
I did you wrong but you did me wrong too.
But forgiving me is something you won't do.
I'll admit that I made mistakes but when it comes to admitting yours, you won't.
I wanted to make up with you but after seeing how much you hate me, I don't.
If there's ever a grudge holding contest, I know that you'll win first place.
You hate me and because of that, I hope we never meet again face to face.
I wish that you didn't hate me but sadly, it's true.
You want nothing to do with me and because you hate me, I want nothing else to do with you.


(Sadly, this is a true poem)

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