Broken Encasing by Joshua Dolash

Ten years before my second decade began,
Fates traded my blithe with deadweight.
Doctor’s gloom explained mom’s wail,
With mortality was my dad assailed.
I assumed no one cared for my pains,
Plus, ma’s grief was her abode in chains.

I joined the darkened planets and failing stars;
They jabbed my memory of wilted rose pedals seized by the blackheart.
And so far and in nowhere I tarried in an old cottage,
Waiting for something good to happen;
But instead I wrapped myself in a forlorn cocoon,
Imprisoning my cries of sadness and anger.

Then one day a rider fell to low lying branches
And while unconscious, I took him in to heal his head.
What was created was a friend I never had
Yet sorrow still leaked from within.
Oh, he knew something was wrong;
Placing hand on my shoulder,
The man told of Christ’s sacrifice

Now alive with joy and in blossom
Are my days. I have morphed out of cocoon
Flying to the earth’s far reaches to proclaim the Word:
God’s Hope!


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